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We understand that to build a successful business is hard work. And to have the right quality, professional website working hard for your business is crucial to its success. Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable business and website ideas, tactics and strategies that are tried, tested and proven to work within any realistic budget.

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Recommended Business Building Books

Here are a list of books that we read and put into practice since the pandemic lockdowns started to re-structure and refocus our business. We firmly believe that one or more of these will seriously improve your business prospects going forward. Check them out and get planning for the better times ahead.

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What are the benefits of online payments?

As more people get used to browsing from the comfort of their home, learn the benefits of taking online payments securely and efficiently. The popularity e-commerce has been growing steadily in recent years, but this has jumped to highs of around 30 per cent of consumers now shopping online due to the pandemic. We’ve seen many small

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5 Reasons why your small business needs website

“However, when you look at how people search for local businesses, the first port of call is usually a search engine like Google and if local businesses don’t appear, they’re lacking that shop window and missing out on valuable customers.” The 2015 holiday shopping season was a good one for businesses online. Thanks to strong sales

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Small businesses lacking digital shop window as 75% shirk websites

Small businesses missing out on custom from lack of website Small businesses are foregoing having an online presence altogether as new research reveals that three quarters in the UK lack a website. A new survey has revealed that 75% of Britain’s small businesses don’t have a website According to figures from the Office of National

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A Website Should Pay Its Way – Does Yours?

5 general things that every business website needs to have to be successful and profitable 1. Attractive overall appearance Research proves your website visitors form an opinion about whether they like your website in 50 milliseconds… or less. That’s a split-second decision. Good visual design grabs and directs attention—rather than repelling it—making your visitor willing to give your website

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Does My Business Really Need A Website?

We understand creating and maintaining a website is hard – trust us! But in 2021, communication is digital, and consumers are surfing the web to learn more about what you have to offer. If you’re not on the web, you’re not even in their sphere of awareness – and you’re definitely not getting their business?

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