5 general things that every business website needs to have to be successful and profitable

1. Attractive overall appearance Research proves your website visitors form an opinion about whether they like your website in 50 milliseconds… or less. That’s a split-second decision. Good visual design grabs and directs attention—rather than repelling it—making your visitor willing to give your website a chance.

2. Interesting and engaging headlines and images Once you’ve created a great first impression to get your visitor willing to stick around, the next step is to immediately engage them and capture their interest. What solutions do you sell that solves their problems?

3. Valuable content Now that you’ve piqued their interest, it’s time to deliver on the goods. Blow your visitor away with the information you provide (and the way you provide it), and you’ll have a very satisfied visitor who will want to share your content and bring you more visitors and potential customers.

4. Calls to action You’ve put all this effort into attracting your visitor, getting them engaged and interested, and communicating your message to them… After all that, don’t make the mistake of letting them wander off without taking their next step.

5. Response mechanisms It’s not enough to just tell your visitor to take some action; you also need to make it possible for them to actually do it—and as effortlessly as possible. A response mechanism is anything your visitor can interact with to respond to your call to action—such as signing up for your mailing list, requesting a quote, or requesting a call back.

Have you decided which website plan your business needs?

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