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Website rescue lincoln
Guaranteed to fix your website or you get a full refund!

Website not working as it should?
Website being held hostage from your control?

Let us help you fix your broken WordPress website. No charge for an initial assessment.

Our WordPress Rescue service is designed for owners of a broken WordPress website.  Has your website been taken offline,  hacked or defaced?  Is the website unavailable or have parts of the website stopped working?

Our WordPress experts will thoroughly check over your website and can clean your website, upgrade all components, remove security holes and help protect your website for the future. Typically, this can be done within 1 working day, but more serious issues or complex websites may take longer. 

Sometimes we can implement a simple fix at no further cost. Otherwise we’ll explain our conclusion and if we can we’ll offer you an affordable fix. There’s no obligation to accept that and we’ll not pressure you.

what's included

  • Full backup of your WordPress website and content
  • Regain access to your website if you are locked out
  • Removal of any compromised/hacked files
  • Removal of all compromised plugins, backdoors and security holes
  • Removal of all obsolete and vulnerable WordPress core files
  • Update to the latest WordPress core files
  • Update of any outdated WordPress plugins
  • Upgrade of all WordPress default themes
  • Removal of inactive WordPress themes
  • Removal of inactive WordPress plugins
  • Conflict and compatibility check of your WordPress plugins and theme
  • Setting up a professional email address using your domain name
  • Fix broken pages
  • Fix broken links
  • Fix missing images
  • Fix missing legal requirements
  • Fix broken contact forms

Please note: 
Our Website Rescue Service is NOT a subscription service, we’ll just handle the task in hand, no future committment required. What we do is provide an independent assessment of your website situation. There’s a small initial fee (£35) if we need to  examine the issue in more detail.  We’ll let you know if we need access to your website dashboard. Sometimes this initial fee is enough for us to completely fix the problem. 

Website rescue lincoln
Guaranteed to fix your website or you get a full refund!

Request your free initial assessment

ZERO RISK! There’s no charge for an initial yes/no response as to whether we believe we can help. We’ll carry out an initial assessment and will let you know if your problem can be fixed and what your options are. Then you decide.

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