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Please let us know what option you want for your website.

FREE updating service to cease after 13 years

What’s happening and what you need to do

With effect from the 1st of October 2021, the free website updating service will cease to operate. However, we want to give fair notice along with realistic alternatives and are making the following options available.

Please Note: This service is just one of many now included in our new Award Winning ‘All Inclusive Pay Monthly Website Plans’ as standard – Click Here for full details.

Choose what you want from 1st October 2021:

Option One: The DIY Option
We will set up a user account for you in your website so that you can login to the backend. This will give you full access to all areas so that you, or a member of your team, can carry out all the updates yourself. You will also receive a free video tutorial that will show you exactly how to do the updates.

Option Two: You're The Expert, You Do It for Me
Our Standard Website Care Plan has been specially created for clients like you that takes care of all the website software and function plugins updates and database optimisation, on your behalf, remotely every month by one of our team of specialists. This service will have no contract tie in or cancellation penalty and is currently being offered for a discounted price of just £9 per month. Fixed for 3 years guaranteed.

Option Three: I'll Take My Chances - Hacked Websites Only Happen to Other People

We strongly believe that Option 1 or Option 2 are miles better than Option 3, but we've always believed that it is right in giving our clients options and control over their website and that's why this option is included.


Website Care Plan Option
So we can prepare for your option choice

We respect your privacy, and you can be sure we'll not share your information with third parties.

Just email or phone us or use this form to register your interest in gaining access to this client Website Care Plan. You can still sign up for this Website Care Plan after 1st October but at that time the new standard client rate of £39 per month will apply. Or you can select the Basic Plan at £19 per month. Or do nothing.

NB: If we have received no registration of intent via this form or by phone call or email, by midday of 1st October we will assume that you have decided on taking Option 3.

If your website is 3 years old or more then...

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Our new Award Winning All Inclusive Website Plans include a Website Care Plan and more that can also give you a brand new website right now from just £55 a month. Plus an ongoing free refresh option.
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