Why We Offer A FREE Website Refresh/Redesign

Internet technology is a rapidly developing and constantly changing field. The goal of any client focused web design agency is to make websites better: faster, simpler, lighter, more secure. And if you adopt these new technologies you’ll always provide your website visitors, both new and old, with the best possible service and user experience, earning a good reputation and good profits.

In short, with the majority of people spending more and more time online, regular updating that is professionally executed can help your business grow and lift it to the top of search engines; a tired looking, out of date website, consequently, can bring you down, damage your hard won reputation and lose you sales.

And this is why we built the Free refresh option into our Award Winning Website Plans.

Want to know how your current website measures up?

Get your free website video audit health check now

Our ‘why’ is being a local business passionate about genuinely helping local businesses succeed. Let us help you with a free video website audit to give you peace of mind that will confirm everything that is a good as it should be with your website, or give you a heads up on anything that isn’t. Including if it’s legally compliant. It’s that easy and it’s free.


We create a detailed video audit of your website from the viewpoint of how a visitor (potential customer) sees it. In less than 10 minutes you'll quickly see what is working for you and what is hurting your online message, image and sales. No geeky jargon. No boring reports to read. Just watch and learn.

With research showing that 93% of customers buying decisions are now started online meaning your business website being the best it can be has never been so critical to your sales success. It's time to get your website firing on full power.

So we can create your video audit

We respect your privacy, and you can be sure we'll not share your information with third parties.

There’s no obligation or hard sell attached. You can take the information we share with you to anyone you want, or use it to fix your website yourself if you have the skills and time. Your choice. You’re in control.

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